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Don't scratch it - ZAP-IT!

It operates by creating a harmless static charge which inhibits histamine release. You only feel a light prick on the skin.

No battery required – clinically tested – treats over 1000 bites


in 6




1. Hold Zap-It! between your first two fingers with your thumb resting on the button as shown in the picture.

2. Place Zap-It! directly on top of the mosquito bite in contact with your skin.

3. Use your thumb to press the button quickly 5 times or more. After you have used the Zap-It! a few times you can decide for yourself how many clicks of the button is right for you.

For best results use Zap-It! immediately after you have been bitten. It may also be used through lights fabrics.

Summer season is mosquito season!


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About Curly & Smooth

Licensing & Trading GmbH & Co. KG:

Curly & Smooth Licensing & Trading GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2008 by Jürgen Bleich. The company buys national and international licenses and develops and produces different products. With its headquarters in Germering near Munich, the company has an ideal location to serve the markets in Central Europe. With the “Zap-It!” Mosquito Bite Relief, the company has a brand in the portfolio, which has a strong penetration among consumers. “Zap-It!” is represented at all major trade fairs in Europe.


Curly & Smooth Licensing & Trading also acquired the rights to use the brands of emoji Energy Drink, Popeye Energy Drink, “UEFA” and “FIFA”.


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